how to order

This practical guide will explain in a few simple steps how you can get to a product, how you can view it and how you can place an order on the Bale website.

Move your mouse over the desired category from the top menu to see the sub-categories of existing products on Certain categories are accessed by clicking.

Choose the product that interests you from the list.

Carefully analyse the details of the product.

After you have chosen what suits you, select the quantity of products (this

option may not appear if there is only one product in stock).
If you have decided on the product, press "Add to Cart".

Check the Shopping Cart using the top-right button or select the Cart page from the menu.

If you have a gift card enter its code in the box next to the "Apply" button. Then press the button to confirm the code.

You can supplement the number of products in the Basket by using the +/- buttons or you can delete them by clicking on the "x" button.

Next step? Press the "Checkout" button

If you already have an account on, you can log in by clicking on the message: Already have an account? Login.

If you do not have an account, you can complete the order even this way or you can create one. Then click ''Continue to shipping''.

Fill in the necessary data for delivery carefully (especially the phone number). Certain fields are required. Then click ''Continue to payment'' and select the desired method and opt for an invoice (if needed), after which click ''Review order''.

Check whether all the order details are correct and then press the last button: ''Complete Order''.

Wait a few seconds until the confirmation message appears. If something out of the ordinary happens, please contact us by email or phone. Good luck!