our manifesto

Abale we believe that we can make the world better for our dogs by recognising that we're ultimately responsible for everything they experience, thus we've created a platform for a new generation of dog parents, brought together by their love for animals, sustainable thinking and appreciation for design & beautiful things that are made to last.

making the same responsible choices for your dog.

We're all looking for ways to live more sustainably, and as pet-parents-the everyday choices we make for our dogs are a part of that. We can care for our dogs whilst caring for our planet.

our promise

As modern consumers in urban areas, over the last few years we've all become more knowledgeable about the importance of our every day choices, which translated into us pursuing a more natural, healthier and sustainable lifestyle. How we care for our pets should make no exception.

If we're already making more responsible choices for ourselves in terms of lifestyle & dietary habits, it's only natural to want the same for our extended four-legged family. After realising that typical dog products available on the market didn't cut it anymore, we went on a journey of discovering brands and products that shared the same ethos.

our mission

bale was envisioned as a one-stop-concept store that addresses all the needs of a modern dog parent by presenting a thoughtfully curated selection of products that are not only beautifully-designed, but also functional, safe and sustainable. we strongly believe that there is no need to choose between what you love and what your dog loves.