paw-sitively impactful.

we believe that we can make the world better for our dogs by recognising that we're ultimately responsible for everything they experience, so we've created a platform for a new generation of dog parents, brought together by their love for animals, sustainable thinking and appreciation for design & beautiful things that are made to last.

when we talk about how purposefully-made products are better for people, communities and the planet, our furry family members are naturally part of the equation.

dog-parenting is a journey that comes with responsibility. a lot of responsibility. constantly questioning whether you're making the right decisions for your furry ones can be overwhelming. bale strives to address all the insecurities of pet parents and put their minds at ease by offering them the comfort and certainty of a better choice.

  • better nutrition.

    as modern consumers we're all paying more attention to what we are eating, so we are also demanding more & better when it comes to our dog's food: more functionality or solutions-based nutrition (such as supplements), more sustainable protein sources, plant-based alternatives and clean labels. at bale we select vet-approved dog food brands with a bigger focus on factors that we look for in our own food: organic ingredients & superfoods, nothing artificial, no additives, chemicals, colourings, fillers or preservatives.

  • better design.

    inspired by our enthusiasm for design & simplicity, we believe that we shouldn't need to choose between what we love and what our dog loves and that our dog's accessories can be just as beautiful as our personal favourites. in an attempt to address the common misconception that ''you can't have nice things if you live with a dog'', we select beautiful products that can easily blend in one's modern home without disrupting the clean overall look. however, we value functionality just as much, because ''looks nice'' only matters next to ''works well''.

  • better for our planet.

    we are all looking for ways to live more sustainably and are making more responsible choices for ourselves in terms of lifestyle and dietary habits. how we care for our dogs should make no exception and it's only natural to want the same for our extended four-legged family. at bale we've embraced this wonderful inevitability by selecting only natural and sustainable dog essentials, that are safer for them and kinder to our environment, products that meet the needs of dog parents who want to make a conscious commitment.

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there is no need to choose between what you love and what your dog loves.


our fashion philosophy: work hard so your dog doesn't have to wear...